Edited Books

Jonathan Fox and Libby Haight, eds. Subsidizing Inequality: Mexican Corn Policy Since NAFTA, Washington, D.C.: Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars/CIDE/UC Santa Cruz, 2010

Chris Bacon, Ernesto Méndez, Stephen Gliessman, David Goodman,  and Jonathan Fox, eds., Confronting the Coffee Crisis: Sustaining Livelihoods and Ecosystems in Mexico and Central America, Cambridge: MIT Press, 2008

Jonathan Fox, Libby Haight, Helena Hofbauer and Tania Sánchez, eds., Mexico’s Right-to-Know Reforms: Civil Society Perspectives, Mexico City: FUNDAR/Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, 2007,

Jonathan Fox and Gaspar Rivera-Salgado, eds., Indigenous Mexican Migrants in the United States, La Jolla: University of California, San Diego, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies & Center for US-Mexican Studies, 2004

Dana Clark, Jonathan Fox and Kay Treakle, eds., Demanding Accountability: Civil Society Claims and the World Bank Inspection Panel, Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2003

  • Also published in India by Rainbow Publishers, with a preface by Smitu Kothari, 2003 and in Spanish as Derecho a exigir respuestas: Reclamos de la sociedad civil ante el Panel de Inspección del Banco Mundial, Buenos Aires: Siglo XXI, 2005
  • Summary version published in Japanese in Satoru Matsumoto ed., Higai-jumin ga tou kaihatsu-enjo no sekinin (Accountability and Responsibility of Official Development Assistance Questioned by Affected People) Tokyo: Tsukiji Shokan, 2003
  • Reviewed in Global Environmental PoliticsJournal of Development Studies, American Anthropologist

Jonathan Fox and David Brooks, eds., Cross-Border Dialogues: US-Mexico Social Movement Networking, La Jolla: University of California, San Diego, Center for US-Mexican Studies, 2002

Jonathan Fox and L. David Brown, eds., The Struggle for Accountability: The World Bank, NGOs and Grassroots Movements, Cambridge: MIT Press, 1998

Wayne Cornelius,  Ann Craig and Jonathan Fox, eds., Transforming State-Society Relations in Mexico: The National Solidarity Strategy, La Jolla: University of California San Diego, Center for US-Mexican Studies, 1994

Jonathan Fox, ed., The Challenge of Rural Democratization: Perspectives From Latin America and the Philippines, London: Frank Cass, 1990

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