Current Projects

  • Directs the Accountability Research Center at the School of International Service, an action-research incubator focused on partnerships with public interest groups and policy reformers in the global South. See
  • Doing a rethink/expansion of an interpretive essay: “The Political Construction of Accountability Keywords” first published in IDS Bulletin.
  • Article in progress: Taking scale into account”
  • Article in progress, with Prof. Xochitl Bada: “Persistent Rurality in Mexico and “the Right to Stay Home”
  • Steering committee member, “Action for Empowerment and Accountability,” a five year research consortium led by the Institute of Development Studies, with support from UK Department of International Development. See new article in World Development on countervailing power.
  • Coordinates, with Prof. Rachel Sullivan Robinson & Prof. Naomi Hossain, comparative research on “sandwich strategies” for reform in the global South, with support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
  • Named Honorary Associate, Institute of Development Studies, 2016 –

Past projects: